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Beautiful Objects
on 09.11.2014 at 04:15 by Saori

Hello everyone,

How is everything going? So, one of the things I enjoy photographing the most are everyday objects. And today I bring a sample of every day objects you can find in my room!

Scarf and Mannequin, Toy Doll, Paper Flowers, Nail Polish Bottles - there are new 8 photos to be found under Objects following those themes.

If you would like to download them in a higher resolution, you can find them in Suppressed Feeling′s DeviantArt account under the Imagination Stock folder.

If you would like to use these images as icons, I have saved you time and created several icon bases that are now available over at Suppressed Feelings. So, now you know.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Food, Food, Food *u*
on 03.08.2013 at 10:18 by Saori

Hey everyone!
Long not been around here... sorry! To make up for a year of not uploading anything, I brought yummy food today! Yummy sweet food actually: strawberries, chocolate, candies and cupcakes *u*

How does it sound? Honestly, I think they look so good! I can remember how good they tasted just by watching those photos ^_^ I hope you like them as much as I do!

Sweet Papers!
on 13.07.2012 at 00:12 by Saori

Hey everyone!
I brought a small update with four Paper Materials:

- 3 Japanese Sweets Packaging
- 1 Cut-Outs from Origami Paper

I hope you can find a good use for them!

Jewel Dolls
on 08.05.2012 at 05:20 by Saori

It′s been a while, sorry!
But today I bring 4 beautiful pictures! They are from my Jewel-storage-dolls photo shooting! Actually, I don′t know the actual name of this items, but it′s this gorgeous, pretty-dressed, decapitated dolls where you can hang jewelry! I have a big one and two smaller ones, and I love them! They′re very useful! Specially for rings, and I have A LOT of rings!!

Anyways, you will notice the four pictures don′t have normal lighting/colours - that′s because I was playing with the shooting modes of my camera! So, even the gray-scale ones, they were not edited, that′s how I took the picture!

I hope you like them ^_^
And remember you can follow us on DeviantArt, where you can find the images in better definition!

Sto Domingo & Panama!
on 10.08.2010 at 21:14 by Saori

Today I brought 5 Pictures:
- 2 of them from about three years ago, from the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo
- 3 from almost exactly two years ago, in Panama Old City

I have a lot of pictures to upload, but I′m so lazy!!! But look forward to see deserts, forests and more soon!!


Btw, Suppressed Feelings, one of the supporting sites from were part of the Imagination Team comes from, has a deviantArt group! If you want to be updated on our graphics and stock, join us there!